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russian Crocheted Dress Pattern

Around the World Crochet

Free Crochet Patterns from Every Corner of the Globe

Today I was looking for a topic for this week’s blog article and came across some interesting information about what countries were searching for crochet patterns.

I was intrigued by this because  a lot of these countries have collections of crochet patterns that are simply amazing. some countries have independent crochet designers but restricted access to commercial patterns so they create their own.

While this discussion is not about the Indy Designers, there are patterns from some of these countries that represent their crochet work and patterns.

International crochet patterns typically use crochet symbols that conform to an International Standard for Crochet Symbols. While here in the United States our instructions are almost always presented in a text format, have you ever thought about why that is? Well believe it or not I have and while I have no scientific results my hypothesis is based on the crochet patterns that I have collected over the years and what I’ve read.

American and British crocheters use different terminology for the same stitches. This can cause confusion if you aren’t aware of the difference because UK terms are one step-up. Meaning , the stitch that Americans call “single crochet” is called a “double crochet” in the UK.

Here’s what is important, the symbols in the stitch charts remain the same on either side of the Atlantic, as they represent the way the stitch is made, not what it is named. You know like the common name for a flower and be anything depending on the region or country, but the botanical name never changes.

Have you ever wondered why none of the vintage thread and yarns makers never introduced the patterns using symbols and why we cling to written instructions? Well I’m here to tell you are missing a new world of crochet possibilities by limited yourself to written crochet instructions only.

I know that the American Thread Company tried to introduce picture instructions, I think I still have a picture from the pattern cover.

vintage picture pattern american thread company star pattern

The picture pattern was an real picture of the made-up pieces photographed as a big image so that you could see the stitch detail. It’s odd, what do you think, here’s what the actual pattern looks like.

Vintage Irish Crochet American Thread Company picture Patterns

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to some of my favorites from around the world and maybe they will become yours.

There are about ten countries that are actively searching the web for crochet patterns, vintage or otherwise, those counties are:

South Africa – the Indy crochet pattern movement looks like it’s alive and well on the big continent. While there does not seem to be any major crochet pattern magazines or access to a large variety of patterns Delicious Colors has some great pattern designs for sale.

CanadaMary Maxim is the go to company, however mary is known for her knitting patterns not crochet. But the website offers a list of free crochet project patterns such as this such this Beach Bag and Mat listed below. (remember click the images for the pattern)

Free Crochet Beach Bag with Mat

Crochet Mat and Beach Bag pattern Mary Maxim

Here is a link from Pinterest of Canadian Patterns you might want to check out:

Australia – In the vintage crochet pattern world, I know of magazines. If you know other please let the community know by leaving a comment and sharing a link.

  • Australian Crochet
  • Australian Women
  • My Art
  • Paragon
  • Twilley’s

Lincraft has about 12 great crochet patterns, but as with some of the other countries finding a variety of home-grown patterns are difficult, so that explains the searches. Here’s a real snazzy crocheted hat for girls that’s just cut.

The Surprise Hat  Crocheted Pattern

Puerto Rico – Luna’s a great Indy crochet designer, I love her Cloche Hat Pattern, let me know what you think she has lot of great free patterns.

Crocheted Cloche Hat Pattern

New Zealand – Didn’t find a lot, but this website Knot Your Nana’s Crochet is a delightful site and again she seems to be an indy crochet designer.

Braided Crochet Headband

Crochet Braided Headband

Ireland – Unfortunately, the term Irish crochet bring me the art of Irish crochet that was created during the potato famine in Ireland. My favorite technique by far, so I will share my love with you. There are so many beautiful Irish Crochet patterns out there it’s amazing. What’s interesting  what really makes the art so spectacular is the infinite combinations both vintage and modern motifs can create.

First checkout my Crochet Board on Pinterest, there’s so many pattern resources on my board it will make you head spin.

Here’s a pretty free pattern and would work a first Irish Crochet wearable.

T-shirt of  Flower Crochet


Here’s another Irish Crochet link you might like:

United Kingdom


United Arab Emirates – I know from reading about crochet that Tapestry Crochet is supposed to have its origins in the middle east, you are more than welcome to correct if I am mistaken.

Here are details on the argyle kippah. I have a couple of books in Hebrew with lots of patterns. I usually make up my own.

I know this to be true because from my original vintage pattern site Dazespast, I have sold patterns to all the countries that are listed above. The next list are countries not on the Google Trends list but that I sell to regularly and they are:

Russia – Russian crochet patterns are not for the faint of heart while most use symbol if you don’t understand how to start, you’ll lose your way. But I must say the styles are incredible and stretches the boundaries of the art. Pinterest and PicasaWeb are two of the best sources for finding free Russian Crochet patterns. There is one other site called LiveInternet/RU but unless you have a translator on your browser I would stay away.

Beige Crochet Dress made from Motifs (click the image for the pattern)

Beige dress with diagrams - Vestido Bege de Crochet I just need to learn to crochet or find something to make this beautiful dress for me!


Brazil – Let’s start with the Brazilian crochet designer Fabi Correa, specializing in beach wear, here’s cute number for the bikini set.


Spanish – Loads of patterns from this part of the world checkout these;

Crocheted Women’s Top Hat & Bag Patterns

France – Bergere de France, I am familiar with this magazine because it comes in both French and English and a bit pricey but the patterns are incredible, here’s the link to pattern pages;

You can find Free Vintage Patterns from America and Europe just following this link:

Thank you for visiting, enjoy!


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