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Fabulous Vintage Finishes | The Value of Hand Stitches

In Mary’s post Hand Embroidery Stitches Tips, you discovered basic embroidery stitches and how-to’s. Here, I want to introduce a few more finishing stitches, the cross-stitch techniques and then some  embroidery and cross-stitch patterns with patterns for both embroidery and cross-stitch.

Use these simple step-by-step directions for making your own basic frog pattern, then try experimenting with other, more elaborate designs.

Frog Fastenings

Materials – Soutache braid and round braid which you can but, self-filled or corded tubing are all suitable for making frogs, as they are flexible and will bend without distorting.

You can make your own fasteners and adorn your vintage, coats, belts, jackets, tunics, hats, suit or evening wear.

Separately made frogs

Using either the frog pattern given below (Figure 1), vintage frog template fabulous finishesor your own choice of shape, trace the outline  on a sheet of paper. Starting a point A (Figure 2), form the braid into the required shape by following the outline you have drawn (Figures 3, 4, 5 and 6). Catch the braid together with tiny stitches where it overlaps. If the frogs are elaborate, stick the on the paper with scotch tape  while sewing. Trim the raw  end of the braid, tuck it under the join of the second loop of the frog, and sew it neatly to the other end at point A. Attach the frogs to the garment with tiny stitches.

Frogs made on a garment

Mark the outline of the frig shape on the garment with basting stitches. Form the frig as above, catching the braid together with tiny stitches and at the same time securing the frog to the garment.

vintage frog pattern how to tutorials



Chinese ball buttons

You can easily make these buttons from fine, round tubing to match the frogs. You will need 16 inches to tube for each button. Loop it as shown in Figures 7, 8, and 9, keeping any seam lines uppermost. To close the button up, pull both ends of the tubing gently, casing the loops into each other. When the button form (Figure 10), snip off the ends of the tubing and join them together neatly at the back of the button. Sew the buttons to the garments with a short shank so that the frogs fasten neatly.

vintage chinese ball button patterns

Sew a Pull-on Jersey Hat

Make this simple jersey cap in a couple of hours. Vary the look by making the brim in a contrasting color of the crown in two tones, or pop on a sultry flower or a glossy bunch of fruit or a feather. Dress it up or down to suit you mood.

fabulous fashion finishes sewing pattern jersey hat

Fabulous finishes include this quick sew a stole cover-up pattern.

fabulous fashion finishes cover up pattern vintage

Ascot accent

Ascot’s are back in style. Here you will learn how to sew an ascot for yourself of the man in your life.

fabulous fashion finishes Ascot pattern

Here are a few other references having to do with hand finishes and accessories.

This is one of my favorites is the Northern German Frilled Veil Part III, learning to manipulate fabric stands as the all time favorite way to add a fabulous finishes to your pieces.

Making your own buttons is another fabulous finish that makes your outfit or project one of a kind, check out these beauties, here at: http://diycollection4.blogspot.com/2014/09/buttons.html

This tutorial is invaluable because it takes you through several methods for finishing sheer of transparent fabrics–you must have a translator add-in installed on your browser, here’s the link to a great article: http://uniquedesignerpatterns.blogspot.com.es/2012/01/tejidos-transparentes-tutorial-costura.html

Finally, here’s a hem technique that should go in your toolbox checkout http://sewnso.blogspot.com/2011/07/shell-hem.html

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